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Committed to the organic industry.

We clean certified organic flax & cereals.​

At Lily & Rose Seed Processors, primary considerations are quality and organic integrity for both our domestic and international customers. Particular attention is given to the handling of organic seeds in preparing them for market, wherever that may be. ​

Our specialty is certified organic flax.

We like it. We know it. The plant was designed with it in mind. Our facility is able to clean organic flax at the rate of three metric tonnes per hour. We can prepare a container of cleaned flax in approximately two days.

We can assist with shipping. 

Lily & Rose Seed Processors has been successfully processing and shipping organic product to both domestic and international markets since 1999. We can arrange shipping of bulk grains by container, inter-model or truck. All shipments are weighed on our electronic truck scale. 

Product is shipped in three ways.

* 25 kg Paper Bags.

* 1 Tonne Poly Tote Bags.

* Bulk Shipments

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